Special tour

Dear guests!

If you search for an unforgettable vacation and don’t have enough time to organize it, we offer you our services – our special tour.

We will take care of you and organize your vacation with a great pleasure. We will be glad to show you the sights and beauty of our city and country.


Detailed holiday package:

1. Meeting of guests.

We will meet you at the airport or at any station in Minsk and organize a transfer to the guest house DOM 15, where you will be staying for 6 days.

2. Check-in, free time.

You will be staying in a comfortable guest house with a friendly staff. After the check-in, you will have a possibility to take a rest after a tiring journey, to have a cup of tea or coffee.

Our apartments:

3. Dinner “Acquaintance” (we will arrange the time on your arrival).

In the near future, you will go on interesting excursion tours, getting a lot of vivid impressions. But on the first evening, we will take a rest and get acquainted. Our managers will tell you about Belarus, and you will tell them about yourself, the country and place you live in. You will be offered traditional national cuisine for dinner.

Also, you will be offered to visit our shower sauna, which unites the best traditions of sauna culture. Wet steam, well-made sauna whisks, cool plunge tub with aeromassage and chromotherapy, tea, honey, light music and aromatherapy will help you to relax and to get a sheer pleasure. Don’t forget that sauna is to be booked beforehand, 1 visit is included into the cost of accommodation (2 hours).

The 2nd day, the 3rd day, the 4th day.

1. BREAKFAST – you will be offered a delicious homemade food for your breakfast according to your taste  (the time and the menu are arranged beforehand).

2. EXCURSION – for your convenience, we have collected the most popular and exciting excursions. You can decide on any excursion tour for every excursion day:

The Mir Castle Complex; The Nesvizh Castle Complex

The Mir Castle is a unique monument of national culture of Belarus, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The architectural complex includes a castle of the XVI—XXth centuries, ramparts of the XVII—XVIIIth centuries, a pond of the 1896-1898-ies, a burial vault of the Sviatopolk-Mirsky Princes with a house of a castle guard and gates, landscape and formal gardens, a manager’s house. After the excursion to the park, we recommend you to have lunch in the original restaurant “Knyazhesky dvor”, which is located in the dungeons of the castle. Even the most demanding gourmands will appreciate the beef in cherry sauce, the recipe of which was saved from the times of Sviatopolk-Mirsky, the last owner of the Mir Castle.

The Nesvizh Castle is a palace and park complex, a residential castle of the Radziwill family, which includes the castle itself, castle fortifications, and a landscape park. You will get acquainted with the ancient family of Radziwills, the history of the Nesvizh Castle, and the legend about the Black Lady, who wanders around the huge corridors of the castle.


MINSK – Minsk city tour; The Great Patriotic War Museum

You will enjoy the beauty of Minsk, walking along the streets and going along the avenues. You will see its ancient buildings, which had been hardly preserved after the Great Patriotic War. Enjoy visiting the most popular places of our city and the Svisloch river bank.

We recommend you to have lunch at the original fast food restaurant “Na privale”, which is situated next to the Great Patriotic War Museum. After the lunch we will visit the museum.

The Great Patriotic War Museum was founded in 1942. The renewed museum was opened in 2014. The impressive building, covering 15 600 sq.m., was built next to Minsk Hero City Obelisk. The museum contains more than 8000 exhibits, displaying the times of the Great Patriotic War. There are around 145000 antiques, being collected during the war, and more than 40000 pictures taken at that time.

After visiting the museum, you can have a walk in the Victory park.


Khatyn; The Barrow of Glory; The National Library (observation deck)

Khatyn  is a village in Belarus, which has become a symbol of the tragedy of the Belarusian people during the Great Patriotic War. In 1943, the village with all its inhabitants, adults and children, was fully burnt down. In the memory of all Belarusian people burnt in villages and all victims of the Great Patriotic War (more than 2 million people), there had been constructed the Memorial Complex Khatyn in 1969.

After the excursion, we offer you to have lunch in the original restaurant “Partizansky Bor”, which offers mainly the Belarusian cuisine.

The Barrow of Glory – on the location where the mound is, in July, 1944, in the offensive operation “Bagration” the Soviet Army surrounded and defeated a group of 105 thousand German troops. This was a decisive event in the liberation from the Nazis and became known as “Minsky Kotel”. The mound was built in 1969. The total height of the memorial is 70,6 meters. The mound 35 meters high has a sculpture composition of four bayonets on the top of it, with the height of 35,6 meters each. There are two concrete stairs, 241 steps each, starting from the foot of the mound, surrounding it, and leading to the monument.

The National Library of the Republic of Belarus was founded in 1922. It had more than 8 million items and was situated at 6 different buildings, with the total area of 20000 square meters. But due to the lack of the space, in 2002, there had been started the construction of a new building. A temple of wisdom is in the form of a diamond…The building has the shape of a rhombicuboctahedron (officially referred to as «a diamond»). The height of the building is 73,7 metres (23 floors) and the weight is 115 000 tones (not including books). The total building area is 113,7 thousands square metres; the area of the book depository is 54,9 thousands square metres. The library is equipped with a unique lighting, having a media facade. The screen is on from the sunset until the midnight. Colors and patterns are changing its glow every second.


Brest Fortress; Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Brest Fortress – On the 22nd June, 1941, the war began on this location. Being surrounded, lacking ammunition, drugs, food and water, soldiers of the Brest garrison and members of their families demonstrated the greatest resilience and courage. The organized defence of the Brest Fortress lasted until the 26th of June, 1941, in the Citadel, and until the 29th of June, 1941, at the east part of the Fortress. In postwar years, the Brest Fortress has become a symbol of heroism, oath of allegiance and love for the homeland.

We recommend you to have lunch at the restaurant “Belovezhskaya Pushcha” – one of the few places, where a visitor can taste bison meat.

The National Park “Belovezhskaya Pushcha” is one of the largest European woodlands, which has been preserved within the years. Belovezhskaya Pushcha occupies the forest area of 117000 ha, it has 1024 species of flora and 12000 species of fauna. The National Park “Belovezhskaya Pushcha” has been added to the World Heritage List and has the status of a biosphere reserve.


The Historical and Cultural Complex “Stalin Line”; Svyato-Elizavetinsky Convent

The Historical and Cultural Complex “Stalin Line” is one of the most enormous fortification ensembles in the territory of Belarus. You can plunge into the atmosphere of the daily routines and battles of the times of the Great Patriotic War, get acquainted with the exposition of military equipment, drive a tank, shoot a gun, shoot from a flak wagon, automatic gun, tank, make amazing pictures. This is the recreation you will surely never forget.

We recommend you to have lunch at the cafe “Centralnoe”, located at the complex.

The Svyato-Elizavetinsky Conventwas founded in 1999 in honor of the Saint Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna. It is the only active convent in Minsk. The convent includes 8 churches, the bell tower, more than 20 different workshops, which manufacture hole vessels, sacred vestments, clothes for laypeople, different souvenirs, a refectory and convent stores, a Sunday school and batleika performances for children.



Dudutki is a museum of ancient crafts and technologies. You will have an exciting journey to the world of the ancient everyday life and professions of that time, tasting distinctive foods and doing horse riding. Dudutki involves 34 interesting objects, which you are welcome to visit: a windmill, the central farmstead, stables, a farm, a zoological garden, a carpenter’s, a pottery, a tannery, a smithery, a wood workshop, a bakery, the Autoretro Museum, the ethnographic gallery. Also, you will get to know about such crafts as: wild-honey farming, alcohol brewing, cheese-making, straw crafting, weaving, baking, handcrafted linen wallowing, willow weaving. And of course, you will have chance to walk along the trade rows of the complex, where you can purchase souvenirs created by craftsmen from the local workshops.

We recommend you to have lunch in the original bar “Shynok”, located at the territory of the complex.


Park-Museum of Interactive History “Sula”

Rural Park-Museum of History “Royal Assembly Sula” is an elite center of cultural and social life. Everything here makes you plunge into the sophisticated and enchanting world of the Belarusian mansion of the 18th century. It is located on the shore of Sula Lake. You will open a new world, where the boundaries between material and spiritual are non – existent and the lost connection with the past is restored. The guests are offered to go on different excursions, participate in master- classes, go riding on a horse, ride a drakkar – a special type of a ship, used by the Vikings, and etc.

There are three wonderful restaurants at the territory of the Park-Museum. The menu offers dishes of Lithuanian, Belarusian, Jewish and Polish cuisine.


Zhyrovichy Monastery

Svyato-Uspensky Zhirovichy Monastery is a stauropegic monastery of the Belarusian Orthodox Church, located in the agrotown Zhirovichy in the Slonim district of Grodno region. It is one of the main centers of the Belarusian Orthodox Christianity and the most magnificent architectural ensembles of the XVII—XVIIIth centuries. For 500 years, Svyato-Uspensky Zhirovichy Monastery has been the pillar of Orthodox Church in Belarus. The history of the monastery began with the appearance of the small miraculous icon of Virgin Mary, which today is included in the 100 most worshipped sacred items of the Orthodox Church worldwide. The territory of the monastery includes 4 churches, the Local and Distant holy springs with swimming ponds, the Church and Archeology Museum of Minsk Theological Seminary, a monastery, the edem garden.

We recommend you to have lunch at the Refectory, located at the monastery compound.

3. DINNER.You will be offered traditional home-made Belarusian food. The menu and the time are arranged beforehand.

The 5th day.

1. BREAKFAST. We will cook for you a delicious home-made breakfast, according to your wishes  (the time and menu are arranged beforehand).



The small beer factory of the Czech manufacturer PACOVSCE STROJIRNY with 350000 liters of the annual production. In-house production comprises  37 kinds  of beer, that are included in the restaurant menu.

Here you can taste Belarusian beer and have lunch.

The main menu consists of traditional dishes of “the beer countries”. Here you can choose either tasty dishes, or light snacks and salads.

The lunch menu  offers a lunch set, consisting of the first course, the main course and a pleasant bonus – a complimentary drink. Also, the lunch menu is renewed every two weeks.

Children’s menu  is delicious and nutritious, specially designed for small guests of the restaurant.

4. DINNER (the time is arranged beforehand).

5. EVENING TEA. All good things might come to an end. You have received a lot of impressions, visited many interesting and remarkable places of Minsk and Belarus, tasted national cuisine, purchased presents and souvenirs. And now it is the right time to share your impressions with each other at the same table, at which you got acquainted, having a cup of tea and eating Belarusian sweets. We have done our best to show you Minsk and Belarus, the country and city, which we see and know. It is a piece of our soul and we have tried to pass it to you. Thank you very much for a good company! We are glad having you all these days! We will be waiting for your coming back! We will be glad to see you again!

The 6th day.

1. BREAKFAST (the time is arranged beforehand).

2. Check-out from the guest house is until 12.00.

If you wish to extend your stay in the guest house until the evening, you should pay an extra charge.

3. TRANSFER to the airport or to any Minsk station.

Additional information:

Every evening you are offered to choose any of our services: saunas, a chess room, board games: hockey, monopoly, mafia, jenga, uno, checkers, chess, domino, poker with souvenir money and etc. If you wish, we will organize a simultaneous play or a chess play with the world chess winner Anastasia Zezyulkina. Every evening, our manager is at your services, helping to organize a pleasant recreation for you.

In case you are not tired, you can visit the interesting places of Minsk by yourself: The Botanical Garden, a children’s railway, the Park Chelyuskintsev, the Gor’kov Park, the aquapark “Lebyazhy”, a zoo, a dolphinarium, a circus, the pedestrian streets – Zybitskaya Street and Oktyabrskaya Street.

Program cost: on request

The minimum number of persons in a group: 6

The program and the number of days can be changed on your demand (it is arranged individually).

The cost includes:

– Accommodation in comfortable rooms.

– Breakfasts and dinners.

– 2 hours in a sauna.

– Tea + coffee (coffee machine) unlimited.

– Chosen excursions and entrance tickets.

Free of charge: car parking with the video monitoring system,  using of a kitchen and its devices, using of a summerhouse, an outdoor grill, a library, a playground for children, a hairdryer’s, a washing machine, an iron, an ironing board, a baby bed and a chair, the city map.

The cost doesn’t include: additional services and entertainments during excursions, lunches are paid additionally.

If you wish to purchase tickets for some events, please, inform us beforehand, and we will do it for you.

We will be glad to see you and to show you the whole beauty of our city and country! We are active travellers ourselves and it is extremely important for us that you are satisfied with your vocation.


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