Work time

From 10.00 to 00.00

Capacity of sauna

Up to 5 people

Minimum order time

2 hours

Bathhouse price


The price of the bath includes:

Broom, towels, sheets, Slippers, bath caps, hygienic and cosmetic accessories (shampoo, balm and hair mask, shower gel, hand and foot creams, cotton swabs and discs), salt for scrubbing, essential oils, tea, honey, hair dryer, scales, electric kettle, dishes and Cutlery, chilled water from the cooler.


The best Finnish oven-thermos (wet steam)


Choice of broom (oak or birch)


Plunge pool with jet massage, aromatherapy and colour therapy


The opportunity to use the services of professional steamers and masseurs (agreed in advance)


Relaxing music in all areas of the bath


Ideal cleanliness


Smoking, drinking strong alcoholic beverages, entertainment activities in the bath are prohibited

Given the reverent and respectful attitude of the owner of the house to the bath procedures, you can be sure that our bath will bring you only health benefits and will leave the most pleasant impressions.

Wet bath

The stove in our bath is filled with noble stones


High energy stone. It cleanses the blood, promotes wound healing, relieves insomnia and nightmares, and heals most female diseases. This is the only stone that removes all the negative energy potential.


Sacred stone. Helps increase muscle tone, improves metabolism, cleanses the body. Steam from jade relieves fatigue, gives the body strength and vitality.


It releases atomic oxygen, due to which the air in the steam room is saturated with ozone. Ozone enriches the blood with oxygen, improves overall well-being and stimulates the brain. Steam from quartz restores the human energy system.